14 December 2011

Track your Google search results with googdiff

Blackhat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practitioners attempt to change or improve search engine results in ways that are unapproved by the search engines and which often involve deception.  Blackhat SEO techniques can be used to make fraudulent pages appear more prominent, siphoning money from legitimate companies and charities, or allowing the blackhat SEO to impersonate prominent individuals, ascribing their own views or opinions to the targeted individual for economic or political gain.
With 65% of the US market share for Internet search, Google is the de facto authoritative source of information for millions of Americans each day.  Users assume that the links appearing on Google’s first page of search results have a great deal of credibility and relevance.  By paying attention to the first page of search results and carefully noting how those search results change for your key search terms, you can more easily determine whether or not someone is misusing your online identity or overtaking your ranking on Google’s front page, costing you lost sales.
googdiff helps you monitor your online identity or the online identity of your business as revealed by Google’s front page search results, helping protect you from so-called “Blackhat” SEO (SEO) “consultants”.  This utility is available at http://code.google.com/p/googdiff/